Terms and Conditions

1. PLEASE NOTE: There is a NO GLASS policy for all entertainment areas facilitated and run by Colchester Pride 2019- do not bring glass, as these will be confiscated.

2. Bag searches will be in operation to enforce this. Refusal to cooperate or to remove glass items/bottles will automatically prevent admission to said entertainment areas.

3. Colchester Pride 2019 reserves the right to operate a R.O.A.R policy- in such circumstances, no refunds will be offered.

4. Receipt/Proof of Purchase will be needed at the venue, namely Firstsite, Colchester, to exchange for wristbands for access to entertainment areas. Colchester Pride 2019 will, wherever possible, have full records of Outsavvy.com purchases of tickets.

5. Challenge 25 will be in operation at bars operated by Firstsite for, and on behalf of Colchester Pride. Please bring suitable ID if you believe this will affect you.

6. Performers/Acts- Colchester Pride 2019 reserves the right to change, modify, or shorten both the running order and advertised performers/acts without prior notification on the day of the event, and will, wherever possible, notify patrons in advance of any known changes to the advertised programme. This shall be achieved through our social media platforms. PLEASE NOTE: as Colchester Pride 2019 is a volunteer-led organisation, it is therefore not possible to contact each patron individually by email regarding this.

7. Drugs – Colchester Pride 2019 and Firstsite will not tolerate selling, or blatant intoxication of drugs at the venue. Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will immediately be asked to leave, and relevant authorities may be contacted. In such circumstances, no refunds of tickets will be offered. Colchester Pride 2019 is advertised and operated as a family- friendly day and will operate a zero- tolerance policy in this regard.

8. Alcohol: it is an offence to supply, or attempt to supply, anyone under 18 with intoxicating liquor- anyone seen or believed to be doing so, will automatically be asked to leave the venue. In such circumstances, no refunds will be offered, either of alcohol or tickets. Anyone believed to be intoxicated may also be asked to leave the entertainment areas and/or Firstsite, and no refunds will be offered in such circumstances.

9. Photography- PLEASE NOTE: Colchester Pride 2019 is a live event and will have its own authorised photographers onsite. It is a condition of sale of tickets that customers are aware and consent to their pictures being taken, and may be used for future publicity purposes. Colchester Pride 2019 acknowledges that some patrons may not be “out” in terms of LGBTQ+ identity, and in such circumstances, patrons should notify either photographers or any member of Colchester Pride 2019 Organising Committee that they wish for the picture to be deleted.

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