The 2019 Colchester Pride Committee consists of:

20181122_173535 Name: Keith
Pronouns: He/Him
Committee position: Lead Event Coordinator
First pride: 1992
Fun fact: Can wiggle both ears. Hopes for pride to be unlike anything Colchester has seen
Name: Holly
Pronouns: She/Her
Committee position: Entertainment
First pride: Brighton pride, 1992
Fun fact: I can lick my own elbow…. but that’s too weird to post maybe? 🤣
20181124_113459 Name: Jenna
Pronouns: She/Her
Committee position: Admin
First pride: Colchester Pride 2018
Fun fact: “a smile to put Christmas lights to shame” – Keith, 2018
Name: Christina
Pronouns: She/her
Committee position: Treasurer and social media
First pride: London pride 2017
Fun fact: Favorite colour is purple.💜
20181124_113840 Name: Taran
Pronouns: They/them
Committee position: Co-chair
First pride: Exeter Pride 2008!
Fun fact: I was featured in The Sun a few years ago regarding a feminist bake sale 😂

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